Clematis seeds + other plants
My peony seed catalogue and Phlox paniculata seed catalogue can be found via this link - PRE-ORDER for harvest 2024 already opened!!!

Clematis and other plants seeds from my garden collected in Autumn 2024 - PRE-ORDER!!!
Many Clematis varieties growing in my garden are unique and rare and can hardly be found. I spent many years building my collection and now I'm ready to share it with you.
As I only have a small private garden, the number of seeds is very limited.
Open pollination.
Shipping to any country late autumn or winter.
Minimum order - 39 EUR
Shipping cost - 12 EUR
Order - via this site or e-mail me.
Payment via PayPal
Other payment options are available, please e-mail me

Ordering instructions: To place an order, click on each item you're interested in to add it to your cart, where you can adjust the quantity if needed. The minimum order amount is €39 EUR, (approximately $44 USD), plus shipping. You will not be able to check out until you’ve reached the order minimum.

When you're ready to check out, click on the shopping bag icon to enter your name, email address, phone number and your name in the social media (if you do not have any - just repeat your name) in the cart pop-up. Once your contact information has been entered, click on the black button “Оформить заказ” to submit your order. Please be patient while I check your wish list/order against the seed inventory. I will send you an order confirmation and an invoice that you can pay via PayPal to the email which you indicated when ordering. Please, do not forget to check your Spam folders as sometimes my confirmation emails get to this folder.

You can email me with any questions you might have to I'm always happy to help!

My e-mail:

All photos are mine and made in my garden. These are exactly the plants you will receive the seeds from.

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Buy my ebook 'CLEMATIS' from Floret official site with very convenient payment method and immediate automated delivery:

Or donate to the GoFundMe which was opened by my best American friend Mia who supports my family during the whole war:

Or buy my printed photos to decorate your house from Mia's shop. She is located in the USA so the delivery will be quick and convenient. 100% proceeds go to support my family:

My own (Alla Olkhovska) PayPal account for direct PayPal donation:

My screensaver sets are also available for the purchase below. Do not pay attention to the delivery costs when you order them, I will cancel delivery costs manually and you will pay only for the screensavers! My site is free of charge and has lots of drawbacks, so sorry for some inconveniences...

Thank you so much for your big support and help to me and my family! Our gratitude has no limits! We survive thanks to your help!

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Who we are
Linden Grove Gardens is a natural style garden featuring many rare and unusual plants. It is created by Alla and Vitalii and situated in the city of Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine. The garden has a big clematis and species peonies collections ready to impress any visitor. 
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